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Chris Netto BA, Certified Fitness Professional (CFP)

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Chris Netto

Standing Firm Fitness is the home of creative exercise programs and classes for mature adults who are interested in improving their health and fitness through sensible movement at any age and fitness level. My credentials include a degree from Sonoma State University in Kinesiology with a concentration in Adult Fitness Management and Gerontology plus a variety of certifications from nationally and internationally known professional organizations for health and fitness. My certifications are in personal training from Aerobics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA), Water Fitness from Aquatic Exercise Association (AEA), Tai Chi for Health (TCA) by Dr. Paul Lam TCA, activity directing from The National Certification for Activity Professionals (NCCAP) and CPR.

To strengthen my knowledge and skills as a health and fitness professional I have participated in continuing education programs in Exercise for Older Adults, Exercise Management for Persons with Chronic Diseases and Disabilities, a variety of senior fitness programing courses, Arthritis Exercise Programming, Tai Chi Sun73 Style, and Shibashi Tai Chi Qigong level 1 and level 3. I maintain professional memberships with Tai Chi for Health Community, AFAA and AEA.

Guiding others on a journey of self-care, for health, disease management, fitness and well-being is my passion. For the past 22 years my life's work, both personally and professionally, has been to encourage movement and body awareness in others for the enhancement of brain function, endurance, strength, posture, balance, coordination, self-image, and socialization. I have witnessed many wonderful success stories and improved self-images as a result of consistent exercise participation. People begin to enjoy activities they were not able to perform before they began to practice regular, consistent exercise. They feel better about themselves and find they are able to do more with greater ease. (See what clients are saying!)

My teaching includes both Western and Eastern exercises and forms of movement while applying the essential principles of movement in all activities to enhance the benefits of movement regardless of the exercise discipline practiced. It is important to know all exercises can be modified for specific concerns. They can be performed seated, standing or lying on a bed as well as in the water.

I look forward to many years of serving the health and fitness needs of the Redding community. Staying active is a choice. Let my programming help you to move with confidence and feel better.

Qi Blessings,


Printable resume available here.
mobile: 469-964-9369

Chris Netto is available for public speaking for health, fall prevention, healthy back and disease management through regular physical activity

What her clients are saying!

"Participants in Chris's classes have experienced amazing changes in their lives. She has shared her passion and given us the tools to continue with an exercise program to maintain or enhance our health and fitness."
..... Diane S.

"Chris has taught us so much about body and mind health. She has taught us that aging is inevitable but falling apart is not! Her classes are fun and stimulating. She is a patient and caring teacher."
..... Shirley B.

"Chris is a special person whose love for people and life shines through in so many inspiring ways."
..... Sue S.

"Chris's classes are well structured planned and fresh. I always enjoy some new thing or different movements plus she always identifies the muscles and or skill involved with its application. She keeps us moving and challenged."
..... Shirley H.

"In each workout attention is given to our individual needs and restrictions"
.....Pat M.




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