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Private Instruction

Ageing is inevitable, falling apart isn’t!

Enjoy the personal touch for improving your health, fitness and balance
Over the last 20 years I have been offering sensible and effective personal training routines to improve fitness, balance and health with individuals having diverse fitness and cognitive skills in a gym setting or at home. An individual’s mode of exercise can vary depending on goals, skill, needs and interests. Oftentimes individuals need the personal approach to get active. I enjoy coaching individuals in a variety of arthritis friendly modes for strength/bone maintenance, balance, flexibility and endurance. I would enjoy serving your health and fitness needs.

For your personal training appointment email: Chris@standingfirmfitness.com
In-home training is available.

Teaching Philosophy of Standing Firm Fitness:

• To provide you with leadership and guidance on your quest for health and fitness through safe and sound exercise programming.

Overview of plan:
• Develop knowledge of mindful movement to increase vitality
• Develop a stronger cardio respiratory system for stamina
• Develop core strength for balance, and stability during movement
• Develop muscle strength and muscle endurance for daily activities and bone maintenance
• Develop and maintain flexibility for easier movement
     o Target neck, shoulder and back flexibility
• Develop these endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance activities according to American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) guidelines, your interests and abilities.
• Prepare for group fitness programs.

The process involves determining together those exercises that are safe, appropriate and effective for attaining your goals by:
• Establishing your needs and interests through discussion and observation
• Establishing reasonable goals and expectations with you
• Developing spinal alignment, posture and core muscle awareness
• Showing you how to do the exercises we determine
• Having you do them with me
• Having you show me how they are to be done. This will show me your understanding of the correct form during execution of these exercises, a very important part in training the body.

Coaching/Workshops/Consulting and training ideas:
• Evaluate existing program for exercise form and content consultation
• Develop a personal exercise program
• Learn 8 dynamic/static stretches for neck, shoulder and back relaxation
• Learn a simple healthy back routine
• Learn basic balance activities
• Tai Chi/Qigong for health programs
• Learn Water Fitness exercises for your pool
• Available for speaking engagements


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